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"The best way to learn and grow as an LGBTQIA+ ally and affirming community, is to listen to LGBTQIA+ individuals and hear their experiences."

Growing with Meaning, by NV Gay

My work has given me a wealth of experience to draw from. I have had to overcome a lot to get to the place where I am at, including hiring myself and beginning a business based solely off of my creativity. Now I am ready to pass this wealth of knowledge and inspiration onto you and your organization.

I have been trained as an educator, with six years of classroom experience teaching middle school math; as well as coaching varsity athletics. With this said, education is at the heart of everything that I do. My passion is to engage and educate; providing incredible and authentic experiences that are invaluable trainings for any professional. My trainings as a public speaker come from my bachelors and masters degrees in education, and from the nonprofit LOVEboldly and TransOhio.

My lecturing series includes several unique presentations and lessons from using art as an act of resistance, to growing as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. Whatever your needs are, I can create a diverse and instruction series to help grow the needs of your organization.

One of the best ways to learn about the LGBTQIA+ community and how to be an ally is by listening to and learning from the experiences of individuals within the community.

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My Work

As an LGBTQIA+ activist and DEI professional trainer, I seek to create work to empower and inspire change for the work through uplifting marginalized communities and individuals. I do this by giving people the opportunity to see their true beauty and providing them with a platform to share their story.

As a speaker, I seek to engage and educate audiences with authentic and impactful instruction to encourage personal growth and professional development. The main series centers around promoting inclusion and diversity within professional workplaces and communities.

The main project in current production is the This is Trans: a photography journey of awareness and love exhibition.


Local Central Ohio Rates - $200/hour

Non-local Ohio Rates - $200/hour + travel fees

Out-of-State Rates - $1000/day + travel & lodging expenses

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Lectures and Professional Development Series

This is Trans: what does it mean to be transgender

This talk focuses on educating audiences on what it truly means to be transgender, and how one can be a true ally to transgender individuals.

This lecture is part of the This is Trans exhibition.

The Allies Bible

This is a four part series, focusing on educating audiences on LGBTQIA+ topics

Guide to becoming an affirming and inclusive ally

How to support someone in their coming out

Supporting and using chosen names and preferred pronouns

Understanding and supporting transitioning. 

Who am I?: learning to love yourself and put yourself first

This talk focuses on sharing my story and my experience of coming out in today's world as a LGBTQIA+ person and activist.

Photography as an act of Resistance

This talked is geared towards artists who want to use their art to inspire and create change in the world.

Who is this for?

These lectures and professional development series are meant for all workplaces and communities. Whether you are considered to be LGBTQIA+ affirming or inclusionary, you can always grow in your understanding and develop new practices.

These sessions are engaging and offer life experiences to help your community grow as an affirming and inclusionary place. 

Why should we?

Our society is constantly changing and we all need to learn about how we can be affirming and inclusionary. You will engage with LGBTQIA+ individuals on a daily basis; whether as a coworker, employee, and client.

In short, these trainings can help executives, people managers, and all other employees across one's business learn about unconscious bias, effective communication methods, and how to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is seen and heard.

What will we learn?

Depending on the series that you would like to have; you will learn history and background information, as well as practices you can easily implement that day to become a more affirming and inclusionary community.

Speaking about mental health awareness at Resifest in Plain City, Ohio


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