DEI and LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Trainer, Photographer, Advocate, and all around awesome human.

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My name is Vincent-Natasha Gay, NV Gay for short, they/she pronouns, and I am a renowned transgender gender-fluid photographer/activist living in Columbus Ohio. Previously, I was a middle school teacher; however, I left that profession with the intention of becoming an advocate within the LGBTQIA+ community. I have built Mx. Gay's Creative Direction as an all in one platform for creating and sharing amazing artwork. I independently work as a DEI and LGBTQIA+ Inclusion trainer and advocate, photographer, and creative director; and, I am excited to help you create your vision.

I came out as transgender in December of 2018 during the middle of a therapy session, and then to my wife later that same day. Since then I have been living as my true self and being able to express my gender as I see fit for each day. When I was young, I knew I was different. I knew that I was more than the person that I was pretending to be. I was far too afraid to show it, for fear that I would lose all sense of love that I thought I had from those around me. For years, I remained hidden. I forced myself to be who I thought others wanted me to be. I secretly explored my feelings, using video games to explore myself, always remaining hidden. I grew up angry. I felt that I had to be perfect. The perfect man, husband, teacher, and mentor. The perfection drove me to the end, to the point where I thought I would be unable to return. All because this was who I thought the world wanted me to be. I exploded; I couldn't continue. With love and support, I was able to receive help, and in therapy I began to discover that the person I was meant to be was not the one I was currently being. I began to transform, to transition into the person who I always knew I was supposed to be. As happiness and love began to take over, loss followed. As I let people see who I truly was, some loved and accepted me, while others hurt and disowned me. While the journey was not always easy, it was totally worth it. To me, being transgender means having the courage and love to live authentically. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to step out and let the world see us for who we truly are. Some will not understand and will seek to spread hate. In the end, losing those people actually was beneficial, because I no longer had that hate in my life. I was given the amazing opportunity to choose my family and surround myself with those who truly LOVE me.

I have created a large advocacy message and following through social media; where I look to promote and give a voice to others, while bringing awareness and education to all. Currently, I have been hard at work on an advocacy and awareness campaign entitled, This is Trans. This project is set to change the narrative surrounding the transgender community and the definition of validity. Click here to learn more on this project and how to become involved.

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