The people listed below are the Patrons of Pride

They have donated funds to help the project continue to grow across the United States and Canada.

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Patrons of Pride

Alex Turner

Anne Gadd

Austen Meredith

  Benjamin Huelskamp  

Bianca Zell 

Catch n' Fetch

Columbus Public Health

  Daniel Jarrett  

Deborah Neimeth 

Deborah Pohlot

Destiny Huddleston

Diana Richardson

Half Baked Brew

Happy Go Lucky 

Jadyn Gelmich

Jennifer Cosner

Jolie Occasions 

Jordan Fonte 

Kelsey Wegener

Kenneth Sipes

Kevin Wood


Margaret Jenkins 


North Broadway United Methodist Church

  Priya Sweet  

Shannon Schneider

Stephanie Tersigni  

Stonewall Columbus

Studio West  117

The Breast Form Store

Trans Ohio

Trans Talks

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